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Changing the face of renovating in Gippsland

Renovation Rescue is passionate in the field of renovating and brings a new approach to renovating in Gippsland. In an area that is rapidly growing Gippslander’s are becoming more house savvy and determined to create dream homes and spaces.

Renovation Rescue through Megan’s expertise in Design and Project Management is about making renovating fun and memorable for the right reasons.


Renovation Rescue is a Drouin-based Design and Renovation service driven by a passion for making dreams come alive servicing West Gippsland.

Megan whom leads Renovation Rescue has a Diploma of Interior Design and has over 20 years working within the building industry. Megan loves to work with renovators and owner builders ensuring their whole project is a pleasurable experience.

Having professional design services coupled with project management is advantageous, as it will assist in ensuring each project runs smoothly through design stage to completion. Thats rewarding, exciting and far less stressful for the client.

Megan is committed to providing services that are inspiring and affordable for all, and has access to entire team of professional and licensed trades and suppliers.

Best Interior designer in Drouin

Biggest renovating mistake people make is NOT hiring the right help.



Design Only Service


Project Management / Liasing with trades


Colours and Selections


Negotiating all Pricing/Deliveries


Space Planning


Renovating Within Budgets



Are You:

Lacking Confidence
Want to avoid mistakes
Don’t have time or patience
Can’t make decisions
Have no imagination

3D Drawings




Gerard Bongiorno - Painter

Awesome project manager! Keeps us on our toes and a pleasure to work with someone who is so well organized. Always looking forward to seeing what’s coming with the next project.

Liesl Baxter - House Warragul

We are not biased! Totally realistic! You won’t find a more authentic, generous and capable project manager than Megan. Rating out of 10!! Definitely 100!!! 4 week turn around for a total revamp! Loving your work Team Renovation Rescue!!!

Michelle Barnes - Kitchen Traf

Megan makes renovation a joy!! She keeps the tradies on the go, delivers on time and scrutinises the invoices for you!!
Would have gone mad without her smile emoticon

Karen Meyers - House Warragul

Megan is so enthusiastic and has great ideas. I love her work – thank you for rescuing me Renovation Rescue!

Olivia Mioch - Bathroom Warragul

So utterly fantastic. It’s just gorgeous. I love it.


How much does a whole new bathroom cost and how long will it take?
Can be as low as $8,000 and up to anything. Average $10-12k. A bathroom will usually take 7-10 days for a full makeover. THAT’S FAST! I’ve been involved in complete house makers completed for a low as $30k in 4-5 weeks.
Do you do other areas besides kitchens and bathrooms?
Yes we can design and consult for all renovations. Whole houses are a favourite for reselling or investors. We will help you do it fast, on time, in budget — but more importantly RIGHT.
Does RR have a building license?
No, we are not a builder. We design and consult. That means instead of a builder we design, talk you through and can negotiate on your behalf. Our fee is potentially a fraction than that of a builder and is negotiated from the start. Perfect for owner builders. All work performed is fully insured by each of the licensed trades.
What are the fees or costs for services?
Fees can be negotiated as a set price or hourly rate depends on the scope of works. We aim to be AFFORDABLE for everyone.
Why use RR?
We see things from a design aspect. We are all about a concept and use of space as well as budget and timeframes. We call onsite regularly dealing with these issues during construction phase. We also understand the importance of communicating and respecting our clients during these stressful times. We are always looking for the best deals and products for our clients. Having this type of help can save you a lot of time and dollars. We are about saving time and money.


Megan Metcalfe             Dip Interior design    0439 741733

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